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Jeff Kowalskie (aka "Jeff McKay") plays “lead” Shaker, Irish Conga, Electronic Drums and whatever else he can get a hold of. He shouts/sings stuff too! Jeff was influenced by musical grandparents (Grand Pop Len Erbe who was an award winning fiddler & guitarist and owned a wood instrument repair shop) - who always had a garage or basement full of old time/bluegrass musicians jammin’ on the weekends or going to bluegrass festivals. Jeff started playing drums at the age of 12, taking private lessons and playing in school bands provided immeasurable inspiration, not to mention all of the basement bands with and with his brother Jason along the way. Influenced by Ringo, Bonzo, Gadd, and Moon in the beginning, Jeff now has an appreciation for all musicians in all genres. Making music with his friends in Seven Rings and entertaining fans is a dream come true.

Jeff Kowalskie

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